Listed below are links to recent sermon presented at Abundant Life church. Our prayer is that they will be a blessing to you.

Feb 21 (Sun AM)
Reasons to rejoice
We have reason to rejoice - even in the middle of trials and struggle - (romans 5:1-5) notesMedia Player
Feb 14 (Sun AM)
Time to sow
From the parable of the sower, a call to evangelize - (Mark 4:1-20) notesMedia Player
Feb 7 (Sun AM)
According to your faith
We look at the role of faith in healing from the story of the healing of two blind men - (Matthew 9:27-30) notesMedia Player
Jan 24 (Sun AM)
Time to pray
A call to pray biblically for our leaders - (1 Timothy 2:1-4) notesMedia Player
Jan 17 (Sun AM)
Looking for a better country
A reminder that by faith - we are looking for a permanent inheritance!notesMedia Player
Jan 10 (Sun AM)
A reminder of the mission - and the power Christ has given us to complete itnotes
Jan 3 (Sun AM)
Lessons from Lot
Pastor Greg shares our obligation to America as we live in the hours before God's judgment on sin in our nation - (Genesis 18-19) notesMedia Player
Dec 27 (Sun AM)
Fear Not
A reminder from God's Word about His promise to care for us - (Isaiah 43:1-3) notesMedia Player
Dec 14 (Sun AM)
Remain faithful in the last days
Following Jude's advice to make it in the last days - (Jude 1:17-23) notesMedia Player
Dec 6 (Sun AM)
We need a little Christmas
Pastor Greg reminds us of the importance and significance of Christmas - (1 John 4:9-12) notesMedia Player
Nov 22 (Sun AM)
Give thanks
On this Thanksgiving Sunday, pastor Greg examines the call to gratitude for the believer, and the impact thankfulness has on our hearts - (1 Thessalonians 5:18) notesMedia Player

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