Listed below are links to recent sermon presented at Abundant Life church. Our prayer is that they will be a blessing to you.

Sep 14 (Sun AM)
The faith of the Caananite woman
We look at the amazing faith of the woman Jesus didn't answer! - (Matt 15:21-28) notes
Sep 8 (Sun AM)
Jesus and the leper
We look at the faith the leper demonstrates as he approaches Jesus and finds his healing. - (Matt 8:1-3) notesMedia Player
Sep 2 (Sun AM)
Help Wanted
Looking our call to the harvest - (Matthew 9:35-38) notesMedia Player
Aug 25 (Sun AM)
The worship of surrender
As we consider the doctrine of worship, we discuss one of the highest forms that worship can take: that of surrender! - (John 12:20-26) notesMedia Player
Aug 18 (Sun AM)
I am blessed
Looking at the blessings that are ours through the provision of Jesus Christ - (John 1:16) notesMedia Player
Aug 11 (Sun AM)
Bringing Glory to God
Rediscovering our primary purpose: To bring glory to GodnotesMedia Player
Aug 4 (Sun AM)
The Gospel - Part 4
Looking at preaching the Gospel and the response of that preaching - (Mark 4:1-8, 13-20) notesMedia Player
Jul 28 (Sun AM)
The Gospel - Part 3
From the story of Jesus' interaction with the rich man, we learn some principles about sharing (and receiving) the message of the Gospel - (Mark 10:17-22) notesMedia Player
Jul 21 (Sun AM)
The Gospel - part 2
We continue our look at the Gospel - focusing on its power! - (1 Cor 1:18) notesslidesMedia Player
Jul 14 (Sun AM)
The Gospel - part 1
Using Paul's teaching in 1st Corinthians 15, we look at what the Gospel is, and what one must do with it - (1 Cor 15:1-4) notesslides
Jul 7 (Sun AM)
If My People
A call to pray that the Lord will heal our land! - (2 Chron 7:13-14) notesslides
Jun 30 (Sun AM)
Life through death
Allowing the Spirit's life to shine through us - as we choose to die! - (2 Cor 4:10-18) notesslidesMedia Player
Jun 23 (Sun AM)
Led By The Spirit
We continue our study of The Holy Spirit looking at what it means to be led by the SpiritnotesslidesMedia Player

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